Casa Vinicola Errico. The Apulian winery pres-ents its new line “Tenute Villa dei Pini”, a production that talks about tradition and family.

We are in the north of Apulia, in the heart of the industrial area of Cerignola. Here, in a 24,000 sq. m. surface, 13 hectares of which are vineyards, rises Casa Vinicola Errico. The winery is the fruit of a long family tradition in winemaking and has been active on the market for more than 20 years. The Errico family has been working with passion and devotion to exploit the autochthons grape variety in the production of quality wines, giving life to a forefront reality with solid roots plunged into tradition. “Methodology, research and modern winemaking techniques are the cardinal elements at the basis of the quality of our wines – explains the CEO of the winery, Vincenzo Errico. Currently, our winery can count on more than 20 references of wines that ex-press the best of the Apulian oenological production. Also, this year we have launched on the market a new line ‘Tenute Villa dei Pini’ that with four labels – Primo Giuseppe, Donna Sofia, Donna Diana and Donna Lidia – celebrates our family, the true soul of our winery”.


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