The roots

Casa Vinicola Errico is rooted in an area of great wine-growing traditions, expertly building on it and making the most of its peculiarities. The knowledge of the region, the know-how and the passion for the land, combined with technological innovations and the entrepreneurship of the Errico family, allowed the winery to become one of the most solid and dynamic companies in Southern Italy. We are in the birthplace of the three vines which made this region well-known both in the industry and worldwide: Primitivo, Negroamaro and Nero di Troia. Casa Vinicola Errico, always attentive towards the region, contributed to the re-discovery of these vines: in the last two decades, also building on the renewed global interest for native vines, the investments made, and a more accurate selection and farming resulted in the production of high quality, refined varietal wines obtained from these vines.
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