The Negroamaro, already farmed at the time of the Greek settlement in the 7th century B.C., is among the most ancient Italian vines and can be found almost exclusively in Puglia, mainly in the Salento area. Based on the most accredited story, its name would mean black-black, deriving from the fusion of the Latin word niger and the Greek one mavros, both meaning black, with a clear reference to the dark colour of its grapes. It is an excellent all-round wine of a ruby red colour, which over the years turns into garnet red, while the flavour is slightly bitter, full-bodied, rounded and dry, with notes recalling the intense Salento aromas. Being so versatile, it is also used for rosé vinification: the first rosé wine bottled in Italy, in 1943, was actually obtained from Negroamaro grapes. Thanks to its unique flavour, this wine is appreciated both in Italy and abroad and, based on a recent study by Vinitaly, it is the third fastest growing wine in sales for large-scale retail trade.
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