Nero di Troia

Third Puglia native vine for farmed hectares, the Nero di Troia, also known as Grapes of Troy, can boast legendary origins.

The exiles from the mythical town of Troy in Anatolia, after its destruction, would supposedly land on the banks of the Ofanto river, amid the Tavoliere, led by the Greek hero Diomedes, re-founding the town in the area of Foggia and bringing the vine with them. It also seems the wine obtained from this grapes caused the defeat of the French knights in the Challenge of Barletta of 1503: the French, undervaluing the Italians led by Ettore Fieramosca, spent the night prior to the battle at an inn, drinking lots of red wine of this variety.

The Nero di Troia has a thick skin, highly rich in polyphenols, and a moderate sugary potential, which allow for a late vintage and a more complete ripening, generating wines of intense colour and very smooth tannins, for a silky mouthfeel.

The colour is deep and vivid, the bouquet is refined and fresh, with typical notes of violet enriched by spicy undertones, while the palate is well-structured, with an excellent inclination for ageing.

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